Volcanoes & Earthquakes – KS2 – Planning Overview

This is the free planning overview for Volcanoes & Earthquakes. A vocabulary page and topic title page are also included.

The unit is designed for KS2 students and includes twelve fully-planned lessons complete with differentiated activities and worksheets.

All the resources described in this unit plan are available on Teach It Forward, either as individual lessons or as a bundle. Lessons include:

L1Understanding the structure of the Earth

L2Investigating the structure of a volcano

L3Locating the world’s famous volcanoes

L4Investigating the five deadly features of a volcanic eruption

L5Understanding tectonic plates

L6Exploring the effects of volcanic eruptions on Montserrat

L7Why do people live near volcanoes?

L8Understanding the causes of earthquakes

L9Investigating the five deadly features of an earthquake

L10Researching the world’s biggest earthquakes

L11Locating the world’s biggest earthquakes using latitude & longitude

L12Writing a fact file about a famous earthquake

A FREE newspaper report template is also included in this unit.

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