Exploring the effects of volcanic eruptions on Montserrat

This lesson is designed for KS2 students. It can be taught as a stand alone lesson but is also available as part of two wider units, both of which are available on Teach It Forward:

First the presentation locates the Caribbean island of Montserrat. It then looks in detail at the eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano from 1995-99 and the devastating impact on the island.

There are two activities which accompany this lesson, plus extension activities:

Quiz Activity:
Video quiz activity which can be done in pairs/groups.

Writing Activity:
Students write a volcano fact file about the Soufriere Hills volcanic eruptions. This is differentiated three ways:

Easier – Students have statements to stick or copy into their fact file.
Medium – Students have a sequenced vocabulary prompt to scaffold their writing.
Harder – Students have an unsequenced vocabulary prompt to support their writing.

Extension – Students complete a cloze procedure text about the eruptions of Soufriere Hills.

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