Writing a Brazil fact file

This lesson is part of Exploring Brazil, a Geography unit designed for students in KS2 (Y4-6), but can also be taught as a stand alone lesson.

It gives students a chance to find out all about Brazil. The presentation introduces key vocabulary (e.g. population, currency) and then asks students what they know about Brazil and how they could find out more.

There are two activities:

Research Activity:
Students research Brazil using information sources (e.g. information books or suggested websites).

Easier – Students research famous landmarks, people, wildlife and Brazilian food.
Harder – Students choose their own topics to research.

Extension: – Students draw pictures for each topic or find appropriate images online.

Writing Activity:
Students write a fact file using the information they have found.

Easier – Students write about famous landmarks, people, wildlife and Brazilian food.
Harder – Students write about their own topics.

Extension – Students draw pictures or stick photos into the boxes for each topic.

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