Investigating satellite photos of famous world landmarks

This lesson is part of Our World, a Geography unit designed for students in KS1 and lower KS2 (Y1-3), but can also be taught as a stand alone lesson.

This Geography lesson is a fun introduction to satellite photos. The presentation first helps students understand what satellite photos are. It then challenges them to investigate satellite photos of a variety of world famous human and natural landmarks (e.g. Eiffel Tower, Victoria Falls).

It is accompanied by two activities:

Speaking and Listening Activity
In mixed pairs or trios, students match the photos of 16 world famous landmarks to their satellite photos, explaining their reasoning as they do so.

Writing Activity
Students investigate satellite photos and write sentences explaining which landmark they think each one is. E.g. “I think this photo is Stonehenge because I can see a circle of huge stones surrounded by grass.”

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3 reviews for Investigating satellite photos of famous world landmarks

  1. Kiimberly Meckling

    Great addition to our mapping/country study unit!

  2. Nikkita A

    Thank you!

  3. Kate W

    This is such a cool way to take a trip ‘around the world.’

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