Investigating Brazil’s weather and climate

This lesson is part of Exploring Brazil, a Geography unit designed for students in KS2 (Y4-6), but can also be taught as a stand alone lesson.

The presentation first locates Brazil in the world’s climate zones and asks children to infer what the country’s weather and climate might be like.

Next, students look at three areas of Brazil in more detail – Manaus in the Amazon, Teresina in the caatinga desert region and Porto Alegre in the south of the country – and investigate a climate graph.

There are two activities:

Activity 1:
Students first investigate three climate graphs, looking at temperature and rainfall. Their challenge is to match each graph to an area of Brazil, explaining their reasoning for their choices. It is differentiated 2 ways:

Easier – Students match two statements to each climate graph, then match each graph to one of the three cities/regions.
Harder – Students write sentence describing the temperature and rainfall patterns in each climate graph, then match each graph to one of the three cities/regions.

Activity 2:
Students create their own Brazil climate graphs in Microsoft Excel using step-by-step instructions.

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  1. J Wengrowe

    Great resources, thank you.

  2. Sandra H

    My students were about to understand weather and climate from using this material.

  3. Lucy K

    Super resource!

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