Identifying the world’s climate zones

This lesson is an ideal introduction to the world’s three main climate zones.

It is part of Our World, a Geography unit designed for students in KS1 and lower KS2 (Y1-3), but can also be taught as a stand alone lesson.

First the presentation helps students understand that different places in the world have different climates. It then looks at the location of the Equator and North/South poles, and how these relate to the three main climate zones. To keep things simple, these are referred to as hot (tropical), mild (temperate) and cold (frigid).

The activity challenges students to locate the Equator and poles and then identify various climate zones around the world. It is differentiated two ways:

Easier – Students identify the climate zone of 8 numbered points around the world.
Harder – Students identify climate zone and continent of 8 numbered points around the world.

Extension – Students cut and stick pictures of four animals – elephant, lion, polar bear and penguin – onto their world climate zone map.

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