Exploring the chocolate supply chain

This lesson is part of Understanding Trade, a Geography unit designed for students in upper KS2 (Y5-6).

First the presentation asks students to consider how everyday products arrive in our supermarkets. It then introduces and explains the concept of supply chains, looking specifically at the chocolate supply chain. There are two activities:

Group Activity:

The group activity challenges students to order the chocolate supply chain.

Writing Activity:

An accompanying writing activity is based on ‘The Story of Our Chocolate Journey’ (available on YouTube). It challenges students to sequence and explain the processes involved in the chocolate supply chain. It is differentiated three ways:


Easier – Students use a writing frame.

Harder – Students write in an exercise book using a vocabulary prompt.

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  1. G Hawkins

    Clear, easy to use and works well for teaching year 3 and 4 global politics

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